Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS systems maintenance contracts are available, tailored to suit the operating conditions and known plant vulnerabilities. Fast preferential service is provided for all our contracted customers. On site, emergency support is available around the clock with direct telephone numbers giving fast access outside office hours. One of our experienced engineers can also carry out repairs in our workshops in Malvern.


All electronic equipment relies on a continuous clean power supply however; the national grid supplies are consistently unreliable and can subject vital electronic equipment to complete failure, inconsistent voltages, and interference resulting in failure. The increased use of sophisticated electronic equipment in ‘critical’ applications requires a solution to this problem and the introduction of a UPS – uninterruptible power supply – will provide a secure power supply. UPS systems will provide a ‘clean power’ and seamlessly support the equipment load for a defined period in the event of a loss of mains supply. This will ensure that there is no loss of data, the process or equipment will continue to operate, or the necessary protection or controlled shut down can occur.

UPS systems are often seen ‘as the black box in the corner’ which no one looks at! Many are installed to protect vital equipment, but they are never serviced or maintained – until there is a power loss and the resulting effect can be catastrophic and expensive to resolve.


UPS systems rely on a bank of batteries to provide the power during a loss of mains supply and these batteries need to be regularly tested and discharge tests performed to ensure that they retain the capacity to support the load. Without this vital maintenance, they will suffer premature failure reducing the autonomy available to support the load. Varicon are experienced in undertaking the necessary routine service and maintenance of the UPS system and associated batteries to ensure that they remain at their required optimum level of performance.

Supply and Install

Varicon expertise covers supply and install, especially replacing failed units incorporating bypass facilities, or new installation for UPS systems from 2kVA to over 400kV rating including the sophisticated N+1 arrangement for highly critical applications. The N+1 arrangement allows two UPS systems to share 50% of the load, but each is capable of supporting 100% in the event of a failure providing the highest level of resilience to the load.

Varicon is a service partner with Riello UPS Ltd, the second largest UPS manufacturer in Europe, who has extensive facilities in the UK enabling swift access to supplies and complete units with minimum delay, but we can source any UPS systems from Eaton and others, to meet your application.

NextEnergy NXE series UPS
NextEnergy NXE series UPS